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Photo of Effective Lake Flies Book

Books by Mike Andreasen

These pattern books are esential for the fisherman who fishes lakes or still waters.

Photo Productive Stillwater Flies Book
Effective Lake Flies
A Float Tubing Guide to Productive Patterns
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In his first book Mike Andreasen draws on his years of experience and has selected flies that he knows are effective. In his description he lists the materials used and the fishing conditions which best fit each fly. Alan Ryther co-authored this book and is responsible for the excellent photography. Each of the eighty fly patterns in this book is pictured in a brilliant four inch by five inch photograph. These photographs are some of the largest in fly tying publications and show with stunning detail how the finished fly should appear. This is a must have for the serious still water fisherman and a bargain. Each book is spiral bound so that it can lay flat on your tying bench as you use it for a reference.

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Productive Stillwater Flies
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In his second book, Mike Andreasen and Dennis Brakke have selected eighty more flies that demonstrated some of the newer and flashier flies that have become popular as well as some tried and true patterns. As in his first book all the patterns have been tested by Mike and his associates and each has proven effective. Mike describes the fishing conditions where each pattern has been used effectively. As in the first book each pattern is accompanied by a large four inch by five inch detailed photograph. This is another reference you shouldn't be without.

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